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      It's amazing!

SOMA Intercessor Helen has had a calling to prayer for several decades, particularly to Intercede for Christian Leaders. Not much of a traveller, nonetheless Helen felt very much a part of the SOMA Team abroad who she was supporting in prayer – the Leader and Team felt she was vital too.

'Thank you, Father, for your faithfulness, for your answers to prayers even before they have been requested.'

If I ever had doubts of being part of an Intercessor team I have none at all now! Thank you, Father, for your faithfulness, for your answers to prayers even before they have been requested. Thank you for your love, your encouragement to me, I give you all the Praise. 

I don’t know how you do it, but it’s amazing: to feel and to be at one with those geographically so far away; to be praying individually in my own prayer corner yet feel at one with others praying in a larger team, some of whom you have never met; to be told things people have prayed for are the exact needs of the team; to have words given by the Holy Spirit and then receive prayer requests from the team for the exact things I have already been given by You; to have one single word given by You, and then from it evolve so many words of knowledge, revealing a golden thread running through all that takes place with the Team; and, more amazingly, all this should happen at the same time and crossing supernaturally somewhere up there. This is to be truly amazed and in awe of God, the reality of Him and just how big He is, is to be ‘wowed’ by Him and truly ‘bowled over’.


A canopy of peace!  

Intercessor and Team member Clemency reflects on her first SOMA mission.

As I am neither a teacher nor a preacher, I was not sure what I could contribute when SOMA UK director Stephen Dinsmore invited me to join the Mission to Bungoma, Kenya. Asked what I could do, I said intercession, so I went as an intercessor. This role gave me a marvellous freedom to be fully involved in the Team, yet without the responsibility of giving a talk. I listened and watched, and found that my spiritual senses were fully alert.

A friend had said, before I went, that I should find Africa ‘a thin place’, where I might hear and sense the nudges of the Holy Spirit more clearly than at home. Read more.

'Suddenly, there was complete calm, as if the Lord had thrown an invisible blanket over the outside wall of the building.'

At the clergy conference in Bungoma, I experienced amazing examples of this. On the first day I was sitting at the side of the hall with other team members, one of whom was speaking. I was suddenly conscious that the hot gale blowing outside was crashing all the windows on the far side of the hall, so violently that glass broke. I thought: ‘There’s a disruptive spirit in that wind’, so I went round and said, very quietly, ‘In the Name of Christ, peace, be still’. Suddenly, there was complete calm, as if the Lord had thrown an invisible blanket over the outside wall of the building. Yet in the distance I could see trees still bending and swaying in the gale.

The second disruption was a flock of young chickens, which wandered in very perturbed and making a good deal of noise. I helped usher them out, and for a while all was quiet.

Later, a single, violent, gust of wind blew along the corridor leading to the entrance of the building and the front door slammed with a terrific bang. It was as if the disruptive spirit had finally been defeated and gone out in a sulk, slamming the door as it went!

After that, I had the sense of a canopy of peace resting over the building and the conference for the rest of the week.

In the diocesan clergy training centre, someone had painted a cross high on the wall. While the talks continued I spent time standing under that cross, praying – not so much a watchman on the wall as a watchman by the wall. Team members who were speaking appreciated this. One spoke on spiritual warfare which featured a relevant and very powerful testimony and, about halfway through, as the atmosphere seemed peaceful, I wondered whether I could go and sit down. Immediately the thought came: ‘No, stay where you are!’ So I did. Truly, the Lord was with us, watching over every move...

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