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Are you called to pray with SOMA?

If you are, think you may be, would like to be or are exploring if you are, then do contact us!

Prayer and intercession is the “hidden” half of SOMA’s ministry, and we are always keen to hear from people who would like to pray regularly. Prayer for SOMA and its people is always welcome, whether by individuals or groups, within services or other gatherings. SOMA produces a Daily Prayer Diary which covers Teams in their preparations and during their time abroad, as well remembering key people and events in the Anglican community around the world. To find out about our Daily Prayer Diary, Daily Prayer Diary

SOMA Intercessors take on a vital commitment, are an absolutely indispensible part of SOMA’s ministry, and play an invaluable and deeply appreciated role at home whenever SOMA Teams are abroad. Our Intercessors are sustained by regular Prayer Briefings and they support Teams with live, two-way information by email when SOMA Teams are abroad. For more information about becoming more deeply involved in intercession, contact Stephen Dinsmore 

 How Intercession works on a Mission

Prayer cover is essential for any SOMA mission and works like this: Each member of a SOMA Team recruits personal Intercessors whose role is to pray for them in particular for the week before and during the mission, and for the month afterwards. The Team member appoints one of these Intercessors as the link person between them and our SOMA Intercessors’ Coordinator for the mission, maintaining contact with your personal intercessors by email.

The personal Intercessors receive from the link person emails from our SOMA Intercessors’ Coordinator which contain news and requests from the Team. In return, the link people email the SOMA coordinator the insights, words, pictures, scriptures etc that the personal Intercessors get as they cover each Team member in prayer. The coordinator then passes these onto the Team on mission.

 SOMA Intercessor - what's it like?

It's amazing!

SOMA Intercessor Helen has had a calling to prayer for several decades, particularly to Intercede for Christian Leaders. Not much of a traveller, nonetheless Helen felt very much a part of the SOMA Team abroad she was supporting in prayer – and the Leader and Team felt her an integral and vital part of the Team too.

If I ever had doubts of being part of an Intercessor team I have none at all now! Read more 

 A canopy of peace! 

Intercessor and Team member Clemency reflects on her first SOMA mission. 

As I am neither a teacher nor a preacher, I was not sure what I could contribute when SOMA UK director Stephen Dinsmore invited me to join the Mission to Bungoma, Kenya. Asked what I could do, I said intercession, so I went as an intercessor. This role gave me a marvellous freedom to be fully involved in the Team, yet without the responsibility of giving a talk. I listened and watched, and found that my spiritual senses were fully alert.

A friend had said, before I went, that I should find Africa ‘a thin place’, where I might hear and sense the nudges of the Holy Spirit more clearly than at home. Read more


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