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SOMA Parish Mission Partners

This partnership builds and maintains a live, active and mutually beneficial relationship between your church and SOMA and so makes an effective resource for you, envisioning your church for Renewal & Mission both at home and overseas, as well as fulfilling SOMA’s call and ministry abroad and in the UK. 


We provide for SOMA Parish Mission Partners:

I thank God for leading SOMA to Africa. The Holy Spirit led the Team here.'
  • SOMA’s magazine SHARING, three times a year for each member of the congregation (for personally handing to the congregation, rather than being 'left at the back')
  • our three-times-a-year daily prayer diary
  • further regular news updates, midway between SHARINGs
  • an experienced SOMA speaker for a Sunday, approximately every 12 months
  • invitation, information and encouragement for leaders and members of the congregation as a group or individually to participate in SOMA mission teams abroad
  • invitation and encouragement for intercessors to become involved with SOMA
  • an information leaflet that introduces SOMA
  • full servicing of the above through your designated contact person in the Parish, such as a member of the Missionary Committee, other church leader, etc, as well as the Incumbent & staff team
'Every SOMA Team I’ve brought back has had a massive impact on the DNA of mission in my church.'

In return we ask SOMA Parish Mission Partners to agree to:

  • encourage prayer for SOMA in services, groups and by individuals
  • consistently communicate news about SOMA to the church
  • encourage individuals to get involved with SOMA by joining Teams, becoming SOMA Intercessors, hosting SOMA overseas visitors and Teams, attending SOMA activities, etc
  • seek to financially support SOMA

For further information or to discuss possibilities, please complete theParish mission partners invite formor contact Stephen Dinsmore

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